N Range

Compact and mobile chillers - cooling capacity: 4 to 40 kW

gamme N image

A Range

Standard chillers - cooling capacity: 40 to 1200 kW

gamme A image

D Range

Dry coolers - cooling capacity: 25 to 1400 kW

gamme D image

P Range

Fluids recirculation platforms - cooling capacity: 15 to 400 kW

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S Range

Customized industrial skids - cooling capacity: 70 to 1400 kW

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About us

The company INCO DIGITAL was founded in 2009 by Mr. Serge Guillon, specialist in indutrial cooling with more than 30 years of experience in that field.
INCO DIGITAL is an engineering and trading company working in close partnership with the company INCO, manufacturer of hydraulics platforms, chilling and thermal units

Mr Guillon is assuming the management of thses companies, which represents today a team of around 15 persons.

Since 2012, and in order to enlarge its products range, INCO DIGITAL has developed a technical and commercial partnership with the American group CARRIER, worldwide leader.

Thanks to its dynamism and to its high level of technical expertise and quality, INCO DIGITAL is growing rapidly and more and more customers give their trust to INCO DIGITAL.