N Range

Compact and mobile chillers - cooling capacity: 4 to 40 kW

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A Range

Standard chillers - cooling capacity: 40 to 1200 kW

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D Range

Dry coolers - cooling capacity: 25 to 1400 kW

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P Range

Fluids recirculation platforms - cooling capacity: 15 to 400 kW

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S Range

Customized industrial skids - cooling capacity: 70 to 1400 kW

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Inco Digital performs internally its own technical studies by means of CAD design software, the calculation of your thermal analysis, a free cooling analysis, as well as the establishment of your cooling specifications:

Thermal analysis: from your datas, we can calculate the termal load to be cooled down, and thus to select the most appropriate solution.
Free cooling study: include installation of a dry cooler associated to a customized hydraulic recirculation platform, thus securing your production while optimizing you energy consumption (up to 75%).
Sales and technical studies: etablishment of specifications responding to your needs in terms of industrial cooling.

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