N Range

Compact and mobile chillers - cooling capacity: 4 to 40 kW

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A Range

Standard chillers - cooling capacity: 40 to 1200 kW

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D Range

Dry coolers - cooling capacity: 25 to 1400 kW

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P Range

Fluids recirculation platforms - cooling capacity: 15 to 400 kW

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S Range

Customized industrial skids - cooling capacity: 70 to 1400 kW

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Spare parts and works

Energy optimisation

Inco Digital proposes you a renting service, spare parts supply, technical audit of your equipment, buy-back chillers or sale of second-hand coolers.

Renting service: chillers, dry cooler or skids whatever the size and technology.

Spare parts: for our goods or similar equipments and associates.

Technical audit of your equipment: measure of water flow allowing an optimization of your energy consumption.

Second-hand equipment: sale or buy-back liquid chillers with air condensation.

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First class renting service:

Inco Digital has at its disposal a huge park of equipment available for renting, for:

A minimum production stop

The continuity of your production in case of programmed maintenance

Concretize your projects without heavy investments

An answer to an unexpected production demand or to unexpected climate conditions

After sales service:

Maintenance contracts

Spare parts supply

Technical audit of your equipment

Sales of second-hand equipment

Buy-back of your obselete equipment, whatever the brand nor the refrigerant liquid installed

To protect the confidentiality and the exclusivity of this relation we suggest you benefiting from a code allowing you to reach your reserved space.

Thank you for filling your address and phone number on the form before, we shall contact again you as soon as possible to validate together this partnership.

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